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I make handmade jewelry for handmade people, that's why all online items are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for me to uniquely craft your items. 
Design your own custom bracelet with a hand stamped inspirational message of your choice! Choose your bracelet width, texture, font and fill color and I'll create it for you. Share it as a gift to encourage someone special, or buy several as favors for your next celebration. Made from high quality Aluminum these bracelets look and feel great and each one is formed by hand for a unique look. Please read the instructions below carefully (especially step 4!) and let's get started! INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Choose Bracelet Width from 3/8" or 1/4" size – 3/8" is recommended for textured bracelets STEP 2: Choose a texture from the following options (See photos) – Texture 1: A simple dimpled texture made with a ball-peen hammer – Texture 2: A grain-like texture made with a cross-peen hammer – None: Perfect for a smooth modern finish STEP 3: Choose a font – Juniper: A happy and fun sans-serif font that looks handwritten – Typewriter: A classic font for a classy vintage vibe STEP 4: Write your message! – Write a simple brief inspirational message in the box provided. It can be a quote, a name and date, a Bible reference, or anything that meets the qualifications below. – Messages are limited to 35 characters (including spaces and punctuation) to ensure it will fit on your Bracelet – Please keep your messages clean, I will not stamp any message that contains profanity or content that I find distasteful or that promotes something I cannot endorse. – Note: Unless otherwise noted your message will be centered on the outside of the bracelet. STEP 5: Add special characters (see photos) – The following special characters can be used in your message: spiral [A1], star [A2], Smiley face [A3], heart [A4], squiggle [A5], butterfly [A6], fancy scroll 1 [B1], fancy scroll 2 [B2], fancy scroll 3 [B3], fancy scroll 4 [B4], bracket [B5], three dots [B6] – Simply type the code in brackets in your message field where you want it to appear. To orient the stamp in a different direction add an N,E,S, or W after the code (like a compass with N being the position pictured and E turned 90 degrees clockwise). For example the code [A4S] would be an upside down heart. STEP 6: Choose ink fill color (see photos) – Select from black, copper, gold, pink, red, orange, green 1, green 2, blue 1, blue 2, and purple! STEP 7: Place your order – If you have any special notes or design concerns please include them in the notes section at checkout. STEP 8: Enjoy and share! – Once you receive your order please send your feedback here on Etsy and share my work on social media using #JoshuaTheJeweler – Also don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Custom Hand Stamped Message Bracelet

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